The media as a possible replacement Pipe

The position of the Pipe a few weeks ago agreed on a Trepakov, learned journalists.

The new head of the state Bureau of investigation is the Novel Pipe may become the Deputy General Prosecutor Victor Trepak. As transfers the Internet edition of the about this writes up on Tuesday, December 3, with reference to the sources.

According to the newspaper, his candidacy was agreed upon a few weeks ago.

“Besides, according to interlocutors up in the Prosecutor’s office, the infamous recordings of the wiretaps of the President of the RRG transferred to the headquarters Poroshenko before they were in network. The sides up saying that the discharge was made possible thanks to the efforts of the former military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios”, — stated in the message.

The publication notes that within 15 days the President Vladimir Zelensky must either veto or sign the adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada of the new law on GBR.

“5 days after dismissal of the Novel pipe for the GBR needs to find an interim head, and in 4 months — full replacement”, — notes the edition.

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