The girl touched the Network bill featuring a touching inscription. Photo

Bill returned to its owner.

Heath Ezani from Malaysia posted on his page in Facebook the photo of the banknote 10 ringgit with a touching inscription: “This is the last bill that my father gave to me. 21 may 2010, Friday, 7:10 am. I love you, daddy.” The post this week brought together 25 thousand posts, and soon the owner of the bills were found, reports the with reference for Today.

As it turned out, in 2010, 17-year-old girl named Anne Malar Esudas lost his father. On the morning of 21 may, the man collected it in school, and in the afternoon in the accident died. These 10 ringgit father gave daughter pocket money. Since then, Anne had kept the bill in her purse. However, one day she was robbed.

The girl confessed that he was very surprised when I saw the photo Asani. However, immediately wrote to her, after which he received a commemorative bill and wrote a thankful post in Facebook.

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