The farmer turned the dog into a tiger to scare away pests

His method really worked.

A farmer from the Indian state of Karnataka Srikant Gowda, whose fields are exposed to the devastating raids of the apes, lost patience and came up with an unexpected way of dealing with them. He painted his dog “like a tiger” in the hope that it will scare away animal pests that destroy the crop. Earlier, Gowda heard that another farmer has been using for this purpose a toy tiger. But decided that a “live tiger” would work better, reports the with reference on Voice.

Dog the farmer has painted on the skin of dog typical black tiger stripes, safe hair dye that can last a month. Gowda also posted on the field posters with the image of his “thrashback” and these tigers.

According to the Youth, a strange method unexpectedly effective. And now his trick has adopted other farmers, neighbors Suricata.

Фермер превратил собаку в «тигра», чтобы отпугивать вредителей

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