The American returned to the ring, lost 27 years ago

It found an employee of the ski resort.

A resident of Portland, Oregon, Meliss De La Mar received his wedding ring, which she lost in 1992, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

A few months after the wedding, a woman with her husband went skiing. There’s her ring slipped off his finger and fell into the snow.

“We lost something that meant for the family not from a material point of view,” said the husband De La Mar. He added that the ring belonged to his mother.

And now, after almost 30 years, the ring was at his mistress. It personally brought to the owner of the jeweler from Alabama Heather Langley.

According to her, the ring she brought one of my clients who found it in the early 90s when I worked at the same ski resort.

Thanks to the engraving on the decoration of the jeweler managed to find the owner of the ring.

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