Maryna Poroshenko commented on the allocation of the Fund 700 million UAH. Video

She explained, as determined by the required Fund amount.

Former first lady and head of the Ukrainian cultural Fund Maryna Poroshenko commented on the allocation from the state Budget UAH 700 mn. The explanations she gave to journalist Andriy Pavlovsky, reports the with reference to Country.

Poroshenko said that the allocated amount is not so great.

“Believe me, that in comparison with other countries is a very small amount that should be allocated to support culture and arts in the state, which wants to be independent, proud of their cultural and national heritage… so, to give some assessment of the funds allocated, I would not recommend” — told the head of the Fund.

She added that all funds are carefully checked by independent experts, who are “technical selection for the level of management of the Fund and financial professionals of the Fund.” And each project should adhere to government financial standards as outlined on the official websites.

Then the journalist asked whether the rules of the Fund change its Manager in connection with the fact that Poroshenko is no longer first lady.

“But as one from the other depends? The law about the Ukrainian cultural Fund Chairman of the Supervisory Board is elected for 4 years. Once. I can no longer be re-elected,” — said the interviewee.

She also explained how to determine the required Fund amount.

“As in other organizations subordinated to the Ministry. They do a financial report for the past year. Based on this projected how much money they can implement in the next year in the form of grant support for projects, and submit their application. And the Ministry is already looking as far as is practical, making adjustments, and then sends it to Parliament for a vote in the budget”, — said Poroshenko.

At the end of the interview she said that during the half year the Fund has supported about 700 projects, which were taken “on transparent European basis”. Independent experts identified by blind draw, assessed these projects. However, none of the projects could not be called.

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