In Yakutia found the teeth of sauropods

The researchers found teeth not only adults, but also young.

Paleontologists from Russia and Germany described the teeth of sauropods that have been found in Yakutia. According to the researchers, this is the traces of sauropods that have been found at the moment, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Remains of dinosaurs have been found in the South-West of Yakutia, in a place called Teate. It is noted that pleaserate this point is 62 degrees, and therefore, data traces are the Northern — most known tracks sauropods on Earth.

The researchers were able to find the teeth of adults and young sauropods (large group of four-legged herbivorous dinosaur, who lived about 215-85 million years ago) from the treasures of macronaria (Macronaria). The discovery of young teeth indicates that sauropods were multiplied in the polar regions. Moreover, Teata were found the bones of young individuals of stegosaurus — which could also serve as a confirmation of this conclusion.

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