In the Kyiv region for days in road accident five people died

Also there are victims.

In the Kiev region for the past days in road accident five people died, four were injured. Also yesterday, 3 December, on the roads of the region there were 44 accidents from mechanical damage, which, fortunately, has done without victims, reports the with reference for Today.

So, near Boryspil on the route Kyiv – Kharkiv under the wheels of a car killed 62-year-old cyclist. A man on a two-wheeled vehicle moved the highway at an undisclosed location, and obtained from impact injuries were incompatible with life.

Also around noon, the accident occurred on the highway message tetiiv – Cherepyn. There is a car on the side collided with a tree. Previously it is established that the driver didn’t choose safe speed and not lost control of the car. 46-year-old victim with injuries to the skull and multiple fractures of the ribs was taken to intensive care where he died.

Another collision with the tree occurred in Motyzhyn S. Makarov district. In this traffic accident killed the driver of scanners.

In addition, in Bucha faced bus and Porsche, eventually it overturned, killing two passengers, three were injured.

All the facts the police region opened criminal proceedings, pre-trial investigation continues.

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