In Argentina, the student has confused a Cougar with a kitten

Student took home a wild animal.

College student Florence Lobo from the Argentine city of Santa Rosa de Liles picked up on the street a homeless kitten, who was the cub of a Puma yaguarundi, reports the with reference for Today.

18-year-old girl was walking with her brother and heard a sound similar to crying. The guys thought it shouts to the fallen bird, and approached the tree. There they found two kittens. Lobo took the animal home and called Tito and Dani. Two weeks later, Dani died suddenly. Tito felt good: he loved to climb on the table and jump out and play, bite and run fast. She did not see anything unusual.

Once Tito injured his paw. The hostess took him to the vet who said that it was not a domestic cat. Then the girl showed pictures of “kitten” several specialists, and in the end contacted the expert on the animals, which confirmed that it is the cub of a Puma yaguarundi, native to Central and South America.

Lobo gave Tito the Argentine Fund animal rescue. Foundation specialists will cure its paw and let go into the wild.

В Аргентине студентка спутала пуму с котенком

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