Economists explained what will happen to wages in the near future

Wages are growing slower than in previous months.

In Ukraine, wages grew, but much slower than in previous months, reports the with reference to Browser.

Economists expect the trend to slower growth in earnings will continue.

At the same time, experts agree in opinion that growth will continue, as has remained the main reason of increasing the earnings of labour migration.

In addition, state employees in December waiting for the planned growth of salaries in connection with the recalculation of tariffs, after rising from December 1 social standards.

“The standard of living rose, those who today earn more than 15 thousand hryvnia, and only one worker out of six. The rest he fell. Stratification of Ukrainian society in terms of income increased, and this trend will continue to grow,” summed up a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin.

The Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture has developed several scenarios of growth of wages in Ukraine – basic and optimistic. If the base forecast for 2022 laid average salary at the rate of 16 047 hryvnia, then optimistic may be from 16 to 18 000 UAH. This was announced by the Minister Tymofiy mylovanov.

In the baseline forecast, the economy inherent in the dimensions of the average wage in Ukraine for the next three years:

  • 12497 UAH in 2020;
  • 14187 hryvnia in 2021;
  • 16047 hryvnia in 2022.

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