China has begun the construction of a solar station in space

China is building a test facility in the South of the country.

The Chinese government plans to build a space solar power capacity of 200 MW by 2035, reports the with reference to Browser.

Produced at the station energy plan transmitted to earth wirelessly.

Located orbiting solar power plant will capture solar energy and then convert it to microwave or laser radiation and transmit the Earth’s surface. “We look forward to strengthening international cooperation and making scientific and technological breakthroughs that mankind could as soon as possible to realize the dream of unlimited clean energy,” said researcher Wang Li CAST.

Compared with the traditional fossil energy sources that are more depleted and are responsible for serious environmental problems, space solar power is more efficient and sustainable. In particular, it is the most reliable solution to supply power to satellites and for disaster-stricken areas on the planet, said van Lee.

For testing China is building a test facility near the city of Chongqing in the South. At the station, scientists will study the technology of wireless transmission of energy and its impact on the environment. The amount of the planned investment in the project is $28.4 million.

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