Called common causes of sudden headache

Another reason to drink more water.

Hunger and thirst can be the cause of frequent headaches in a human, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was in the Telegram channel reported dietitian Victoria Cavil.

The medic explained that people are often in the process missing the dinner, and then feel a headache.

“Ideal – stop and full to eat. But many say “the brain needs glucose”, not looking up from his work, drinking coffee with chocolate. Yes, the body will get glucose in large volume. But enough of this snack for a while and after 40-60 minutes again is discomfort. If these snacks are replacing full meals, the excess weight or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is guaranteed,” she warned.

Also Cavil notes that mild dehydration may be the cause of headaches.

“Many a morning begins with a Cup of coffee, and then before lunch, sometimes before dinner, one is not drinking and “not go to the toilet”. And if you have a headache “dump” all the tiredness. Enough to drink a glass of water and follow him. And if the relief came, it is a headache from dehydration. Do not immediately “pour” of a pint, so it may cause nausea or vomiting. Just do not forget to drink water throughout the day,” – said the nutritionist.

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