Boeing 777X broke during testing

Out of the fault of the liner fell out the passenger door.

Prospective passenger plane Boeing 777X almost broke during the final stage of the stress test in September of this year. The fuselage broke behind the wing and out of the fault fell out the passenger door, reports the online edition of the with reference to

That during testing of the Boeing 777X the incident occurred, was known in September. However, Boeing did not disclose the details of the incident and stated that the accident occurred under the influence of loads which greatly exceed those which the liner will have to face during operation. It is noted that the fault occurred at loads that make up 99% limit.

During testing in September in the cabin of the Boeing 777X was established a pressure of 0.7 bar. At the same time on the load stand to the wing force was applied from the bottom up, that is why its ending has risen to 8.5 meters (maximum design bending in a regular flight — 2.7 meters), and the nose and tail parts of the fuselage — the effort from the top down. So played loads on the airframe corresponding to maneuver with an overload of 3.75 g. The maximum estimated overload in flight for the Boeing 777X is 1.3 g.

During such a load test first, there was the fault of the fuselage behind the wing, and the composite plating came off. Then, after the extension of the fault from the fuselage had the passenger door. The test is deemed partially successful, because the ultimate load was almost reached. It is likely that Boeing will not need to perform additional tests, will be sufficient to strengthen the liner in place of the fault.

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