Ancient mummies found invisible tattoo

The age of the mummies is estimated at three thousand years.

Archaeologists from the University of Missouri in St. Louis with the help of infrared scanner spotted on the seven mummies of Egyptian women, whose age is estimated at three thousand years, invisible tattoos. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to mummy was discovered in the necropolis of Deir El-Medina.

At the moment, researchers do not know why the Egyptians applied the drawings on the body. They also do not know who were the people whose remains they have found. However, it is known from Deir El-Medina, there were craftsmen who built and decorated the tombs in the nearby Valley of kings and Valley of the Queens. Because the tattoos were only found on female mummies, archaeologists suggest that these Egyptian women could be healers or priestesses.

It is noted that the body of one woman had as many as 30 drawings. Some of the drawings were cross-shaped patterns, while others resembled Chinese characters, probably the owner of the tattoos were associated with the religious sphere.

In addition, the bodies of the Egyptians were engraved with images of eyes, papyrus, gods and animals.

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