Twitter decided to explain what user data the social network collects

The Twitter audience was approximately 320 million people.

The administration of the micro-blogging network Twitter intends to provide users with more information about what information it collects about them and about the measures taken to protect data, reports the with reference for Today.

We believe that companies should be accountable to the people, wereused them your personal information, as well as not only ensure the security of this information, but also to explain how they do it“, — the document says. The people at Twitter admitted that they have “opportunities for improvement” in this area.

Twitter announced the establishment of a network resource, which will tell about the measures taken by its employees to protect the personal data of the users of the initiatives with this purpose and about the assumptions in this sphere violations. A new website called “Centre privacy Twitter. “We believe you should know what information we collect about you, how we use them, and also that you must have full control, and over, and over others, “reads the statement.

Twitter also announced that they plan from 1 January 2020 to make changes to this privacy policy. One of them suggests that now users who live “outside the US, the EU and the European economic area“, to provide the services on company Twitter, which is based in San Francisco (California). Previously it was done by its subsidiary called Twitter International Company, headquartered in Ireland. This will allow the administration, when service users worldwide to follow the US law and not EU.

The monthly audience of Twitter was about 320 million people in February. The company’s market capitalization exceeds $ 23 billion.

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