Facebook was first noted as a post “false information”

To do this obliged the authorities of Singapore.

The social network Facebook for the first time marked post marked “false information,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“In accordance with the law, Facebook reports that the Singapore government called the publication of false”, — reads the statement of the social network.

The statement said local government structures to oversee the implementation of the Law on countering false information and manipulation of the Internet “from Facebook and other online platforms are having technical issues for the immediate implementation of the requirements of the government, but they pledged to cooperate with the authorities”.

On the eve of the Singapore authorities asked Facebook to publish changes in one of the posts posted recently, a local opposition newspaper that was the first case when such a warning is issued the online platform. The Supervisory authority asked the author of the Times Review States to make changes to the material in which, in particular, claimed that one of the public figures who previously played with the exposure of the ruling party, is under investigation and arrested. Representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs have denied this information.

Recall, October 2, in Hong Kong entered into force the law against false information the Document provides the government the means to control distributed in the Internet about information that in a short time can cause serious damage. The maximum fine can be up to 1 million SGD. dollars ($738 thousand) and imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Human rights activists have called the law the most ambitious in the degree constraints, which poses significant risks to freedom of speech and can have serious consequences not only for Singapore but for the whole world.

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