Analysts predict a fast increase of the prices on DDR4 memory

The industry leader remains South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.

If you are considering buying RAM for my PC, now, perhaps now is the time. At this stage the industry is at the bottom point of the historical spiral, and projections show future increases in demand and corresponding growth of prices for DDR4, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The analytic division of the company Trendforce DRAMeXchange tells about the beginning of the growth of demand for DRAM. According to the results of the third quarter, the industry showed an increase of 4.1% compared to preliminan. By the way, the balance of supply and demand was restored in the second quarter. According to forecasts, in the current quarter, we can expect a similar pattern of increased demand for DRAM due to the growing market requirements for servers and smartphones.

Аналитики прогнозируют скорый рост цен на память DDR4

The industry leader remains South Korea’s Samsung Electronics has quarterly revenue of more than $ 7 billion. Followed by Micron and SK Hynix with revenue of $4.4 billion and $3 billion respectively. Industry giants DRAM is formed of three nearly 95% of the world sales of chips of RAM. In the remaining 5% includes such vendors as Nanya, Winbond, Powerchip and other manufacturers, whose aggregate share does not exceed 0.5%.

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