Windows 10 gets a November update with new features

Windows 10 upgrade 19H2 1909 installs much faster.

In the night from 18 to 19 November, the owners of computers with Windows 10 began to get the November update 19H2 version 1909. In fact, the patch is a superior the may update, but with a number of new features, reports the with reference for Today.

The participants of the insider program and partners with the Microsoft update was available 19H2 1909 12 November, and regular users of the operating system versions of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro started to get it just now. Microsoft believes 18363.418 finally Build the Assembly that contains all the new features. We propose to consider the latest features, major improvements and changes in the “top ten”.

The first thing users noticed a very quick installation. As promised by Microsoft, starting with version 19H2 1909 updates will be lightweight and compact to quickly spread, take up less space, and focus primarily on performance than the introduction of weight functions at a time. Users who already have installed the may update will be installed ish small package enable the new functions “enablement package” (KB4517245). Therefore, the upgrade process will take less than 5 minutes.

Update received a large number of performance optimizations. Microsoft reports that “made General improvements affecting the battery life and energy efficiency of PC with specific processors”. So the patch improves the battery life of laptops, optimizes planning resource allocation for multi-core processors, reducing latency handwriting.

If you use the Calendar app in Windows 10, Microsoft has prepared for you a nice improvement. Now you can quickly create events in calendar right on the taskbar. To create a new event, simply select the date and start typing the event description in the text box. You can specify task name, time and location.

Microsoft paid attention to the management of notifications in Windows 10. When configuring alerts, are now displayed small images that give a visual representation of how they look “in action” and “notification in notification center”.

Windows 10 will allow you to turn off the beep when you receive a notification. This option is available in Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions. Previously, users could also turn off the beep for alerts, but it had to be done separately for each application.

In Windows Explorer, extended search functionality. Now when you enter a query in the search bar drop-down menu appears with a list of files that include files in the OneDrive cloud and not just on the local machine.

Preview app Windows Terminal (Preview) got tabs, custom background images, and other useful functions. The app is available in the Microsoft Store

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