Smartphone Redmi Note 7S lit up during operation

Smartphone Xiaomi on fire right on the table.

Indian smartphone user Redmi Note 7S Chauhan, ishwar told me that his fairly new device lit up on the Desk in the office.

Moreover, the representatives of Xiaomi claim that the gadget lit up “as a result of the impact of external forces,” reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

7S Redmi Note was released in may of 2019, and until the gadget had no problems with the battery. However, a user of Xiaomi, Chauhan ishbal, probably became the first “victim” of this gadget.

According to Chauhan, he bought Redmi Note 7S 3 Oct. The phone worked fine until 2 November, and then caught fire. According to him, this day he put his Redmi Note 7S on the table during operation. Suddenly appeared in the office smell, and it turned out that his new phone is lit. Transparent cover has already melted, and the phone was very hot. According to his report, he has not charged the phone at this point and never dropped it.

In the company’s service Xiaomi smartphone took, but couldn’t even remove the SIM card, so the affected device. The user reported that he will have to wait 2-3 days until the smartphone carry on the factory for diagnosis. On 7 November he was informed that to repair the smartphone will fail because of the “anomalous” damage from the fire.

“Xiaomi in the quality of our products is of paramount importance. In this particular case, after careful investigation, it was concluded that the damage was caused by the impact of external forces and, thus, classified as “damages caused by the customer”, — said the representatives of Xiaomi.

Although the owner of this device clearly unhappy with their experience with the Xiaomi Redmi Note and 7S, his case is obviously unique.

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