YouTube introduced a new design for the main page

YouTube has changed the design of the main page in a version for desktop computers.

YouTube is now in the process of deploying a redesigned version of home page for mobile devices and desktop computers. New look aims to “to help find the next great video to view” and includes a number of subtle changes, according to the official blog of YouTube, reports the with reference to

First and foremost, YouTube has increased the video thumbnails and added the function to preview in a higher resolution. Because the sketches increased in size, the number of recommended videos in the same row have decreased — instead of 5 of them 4. Also expanded the number of characters in the title of videos so that users can obtain as much information as possible about the content.

To find videos of your favorite authors was easier on the main page under every YouTube video now shows the icons of the channels. Authors this will attract the attention of viewers.

The changes were a function of no queue. Google heard the request of users and implemented the ability to add videos to the queue without interrupting playback of the current clip. However, when the browser is closed the queue will be cleared. To save videos, any forever, you will need to add them to the playlist, “Watch later”.

There is a very useful function to hide the recommendations with specific channels. If you don’t want to see on the front page of the content by a certain author, click on the menu icon with three dots under the video and select “do Not recommend videos from this channel”.

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