France will fine the owners of Segways

Appeared rules for Segways.

France has introduced new rules for the use of electric scooters after hundreds of incidents with these vehicles, several of them fatal, according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

From now on, persons administering electroseparation must be at least 12 years, and they will not be able to ride it on the sidewalk. While riding are also prohibited from using a cell phone. Users can’t go against the flow of traffic and must use bike paths where possible

Also while riding is not permitted to wear headphones. Users traveling at the allowed speed roads must wear a helmet and reflective clothing. It is forbidden to ride together on one scooter.

Any violation will be imposed a fine of 135 euros to 1,500 euros for speeding.

Last weekend in Bordeaux for 25-year-old man was killed and a young woman suffered serious injuries after the scooter on which they were travelling was hit by a car. France in addition had been five other deaths, including in Paris, its suburbs and in Reims.

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