Experts have assessed the front camera Google Pixel 4

The results surprised many.

Assessing the main camera of the new Google Pixel the 4 experts DxOMark finally got to the front camera of the smartphone, reports the with reference to

For photo Google Pixel 4 received 93 points and over video 91. The result is a total score — 92.

In the pros photo DxOMark experts have attributed the wide dynamic range in bright light, good target exposure and natural skin tones. Among the disadvantages — rough light noise, the estimation error in the depth mode, the side and some loss of detail on the faces in all conditions.

Among the advantages of video is an effective stabilization, a good level of detail, a wide depth of field, among the shortcomings — sometimes underexposed faces in high contrast scenes and some accidental exposure to instability.

As a result, in overall ranking of the Pixel 4 in seventh place. The same result from the Pixel 3. Here’s the only photo he takes is even better: the previous model 99 points for photos and 83 video.

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