The French created artificial skin for gadgets

She responds to touch.

French engineers from the Telecom Paris University have created artificial skin for interactive devices (phones, laptops, smart watches) that responds to the touch, reports the with reference to the Journalist.

“Skin” is able to “feel” different gestures including slide, pinch and rotation.

Interface Skin-On is able to associate different gestures with certain human emotions. For example, the impact the skin is regarded as an expression of anger of user, stroking as encouragement, and tapping is a means of attracting attention, reports New Scientist.

“I study of touch in human interaction with the computer. When we talk with someone personally, sometimes touch him, to Express emotions. Now, communicating with each other through gadgets, we lose that feeling,” said the Creator of the artificial leather mark Tessie.

To showcase the work of Skin-On engineers have developed a phone case, touchpad for laptop and strap for smart watch. The team has developed two prototype “skin”: one with “ultra-realistic” texture, exactly resembling human skin, and the second — monochrome with a homogeneous surface.

Artificial skin consists of three layers: between the two layers of silicone is a grid of stretched copper wire. The pressure on the “skin” changes the electrical charge of the system.

The next step for engineers is to create a skin with the hair and human body temperature.

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