Android users called best password managers

Where to store the most important.

Password managers are becoming more popular. The ability to store all your passwords in one place very attractive. You do not need to keep them in mind. Furthermore, the use of password managers allows you to invent more complicated combinations of letters, numbers and symbols to make your accounts more difficult to hack. Today we decided to dedicate our material is the password managers available on Android, reports the with reference to Portaltele.

1Password — First among equals

1Password is one of the most popular password managers. It has many functions, including storing them (obviously), but also the password generation and cross-platform work with other operating systems, so you can access important data from any device. 1Password offers 30-day free trial for you to be able to understand you or not.

aWallet — password-Storage and something else

aWallet not only keeps your passwords but also help to keep the safety of Bank information like accounts and credit card numbers. There is also a built-in search need passwords and automatic locking function, if suddenly your device is lost or stolen. Like 1Password, there is a trial period after which you are invited to subscribe.

Bitwarden Maximum protection

The developers Bitwarden, it seems, came to the creation of the program seriously. The application works with the technology of AES-256 encryption, which helps prevent hacking “stupid selection” of characters. The app is completely free and open source. In addition, the program is able to work in tandem with AutoFill on Android, which is very convenient.

Dashlane — insurance against the loss of passwords

Dashlane has a decent amount of features, the most interesting of which is a cross-platform work through the VPN. That is, the data sync will happen as safely as possible. To use the program on only one platform is free, but if you want to add to the Android desktop, you have to shell out for a subscription. In addition, it is worth noting a very interesting option for insurance for your data. Insurance is also available by subscription, but you are guaranteed that in case of loss of data you will receive a substantial monetary compensation

Enpass — Store passwords in convenient locations

Enpass is a pretty powerful password Manager. It covers all known systems, including MacOS, Windows and Linux. But best of all — no subscriptions. All options available for free. In addition, the application can create backup copies of your information and store them separately, has 256-bit AES encryption, cross-platform syncing and even the option to import your passwords from other programs of this kind. And Enpass works with autocomplete forms, not only within Android, but when using web browsers.

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