Samsung has patented a slider with a flexible display

Camera is located in the lower part of the body.

Following the smartphone with the “anticalc” Samsung has patented another fancy gadget in the form factor slider. Unlike similar solutions, the design provides the biasing is not part of the body, and the flexible display.

Another feature of the device — podarennaya camera with a rotating mechanism, such a decision has not yet been used in devices of the South Korean vendor.

According to the patent, the matrix device occupies almost the entire surface of the front panel, except for a thin “chin”, which opened at the edge of the flexible screen slider. Coming on the back panel, it generates an auxiliary screen, the size of which varies with the sliding of the housing.

Camera is located in the lower part of the body and is hidden under the surface of the display. When he moves, the camera rotates automatically, and its lens combined with a special hole on the back panel of the device. The document States that the module can use several lenses.

Details about the specifications and possible release date of the smartphone, the source did not disclose.

Samsung запатентовала слайдер с гибким дисплеем

Samsung запатентовала слайдер с гибким дисплеем

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