Galaxy S10 you can unlock the fingerprint of any person

If the screen is pasted protective glass, the fingerprint sensor is triggered in any case.

Samsung acknowledged the vulnerability of the Galaxy S10, which allows you to unlock it with the fingerprint of any person. The company has promised to soon release a patch that will solve this problem, according to the online edition of the with reference to

The vulnerability was accidentally discovered by a resident of Britain, Lisa Nilsson, when she managed to unlock the phone by fingerprint left hand, although it was stored only a reflection of the right. She then asked her husband to try to unlock the phone, he did it. Later unlock the device using fingerprint able and sister Nielson.

It turned out that the fingerprint scanner is malfunctioning because of the protective screen attached to a smartphone. After a protective shield installed on the other Samsung, the problem repeated itself.

Galaxy S10 is equipped with a sensor that can recognize fingerprints by using ultrasound. Probably, the protective screen somehow “desorientiert” and it allows you to unlock the phone to anyone.

Many people use fingerprints to log into mobile banking applications, so this vulnerability unlock system could become a real problem. KaKao, the South Korean Bank has urged customers to temporarily opt out of logging in to the app using the fingerprint — as long as Samsung will not fix the problem.

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