Xiaomi introduced a gaming monitor c price tag from $98

The company officially went into a new product category — gaming monitors.

Xiaomi is constantly expanding the range of its products. The company recently released in China two gaming monitor — one with a massive 34-inch display and another with a 23.8 inch screen. Due to this, the company is now officially released the new product category — gaming monitors, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference on 3dnews.

Xiaomi Mi Display Surface 34 includes a curved 34″ display (curvature 1500R) with a resolution of 3440 × 1440 (aspect ratio 21:9) and a frequency of 144 Hz. It is also worth noting support technology frame synchronization AMD Freesync, playback Blu-ray and a color gamut of the sRGB gamut 121 %.

The curved display also comes with a bracket that allows the user to adjust the height and rotation. The screen itself is attached to the bracket magnetic closure, and the Xiaomi device provides a three year guarantee. Although the company did not disclose in the reports it is reported that uses a panel made by Samsung.

Xiaomi представила игровые мониторы c ценником от $98

34-inch monitor from Xiaomi Mi Surface is 2499 yuan, which is about $352. However, for those Chinese users who prepares pre-ordering, the price is 1999 yuan (~$282). In sale the device will be available on October 21.

Along with a massive 34-inch curved gaming monitor, the company also released a more traditional Display 23,8 Mi, which, as the name implies, is equipped with a 23.8 inch screen. Panel resolution is Full HD and viewing angles the stated 178 degree. It has the usual design, with control buttons hidden on the lower right side of the frame below the screen.

The monitor comes with a cylindrical bracket which allows you to change the angle, but does not support height adjustment. In accordance with a minimalistic design, the back of the monitor pure and simple, and includes only a logo, an HDMI port and power Jack. Mi Display 23,8 costs 699 yuan (~$98) and will also go on sale October 21.

Xiaomi представила игровые мониторы c ценником от $98

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