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The range of desktop processors Intel 10-th generation (family Comet Lake) will have basic chip Core i3-10100.

He will replace models Core i3-9100 and Core i3-8100. Note, desktop Intel Comet Lake still produced according to the norms of 14-nanometer technological process, albeit upgraded several times. To make the most of microarchitecture, which is essentially identical Skylake, Intel agreed to include support for Intel Hyper-threading technology HyperThreading in the entire family of Core processors. Thus, Core i3-10100 turned a 4-core device capable of processing 8 threads of instructions at the same time, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to itc.ua.

Interestingly, Intel has endowed the new shared cache in the third level with a volume of only 6 MB. It is likely that a slightly improved model Core i3-103xx will differ by the presence of the 8 MB cache of the third level. The chip has the same nominal frequency of 3.60 GHz that the current version of the Core i3-9100. Still unknown is the fate of the Turbo Boost feature in the new model. Given that the Core i3-9100 it is supported, it is possible to assume that in chip 10-th generation it will also be available.

And now to the most interesting. In the database of the test package has already recorded a SiSoft SANDRA benchmark results of Intel Core i3-10100. In multimedia tests, he showed the result 382,61 MP/s. This greatly more than the result of the chip Core i3-9100 (about 290 MP/s). Performance increase in this problem was 31%. This may be due to the support for HyperThreading technology, as multimedia tests in SANDRA effectively use it.

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As expected, the Intel Core i3-10100 will go on sale for about $120 to compete with AMDs model Ryzen 3 3200G.

Представлен 4-ядерный процессор Intel Core i3-10100 | HRONIKA.info

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