The driver of the bus, staged a fatal accident with a truck in Zaporozhye, escaped from the hospital |

The driver of a minibus collided with a truck in which killed people. The man was in the hospital, but escaped and now is wanted.

In Zaporozhye wanted the driver of the minibus which collided with a truck, killing one person, reports the with reference to

The man escaped from the admissions office, where he was brought together with the victims.

The accident occurred near a residential district of the city. In the van, which crashed into the truck, there were at least 12 passengers. The impact was so strong that the entire right front of the van is completely crushed. The woman who sat in the front near the entrance were killed. Police have not been able to establish her identity.

The victims were taken to the hospital. According to doctors, they have injuries of moderate severity, and some are heavy.

“Injuries to the head, chest, limbs,” — said the emergency doctor Svetlana flea.

The driver of the truck claims he just stood at the curb, when I felt a strike. Along with the other man helped pull victims from the bus. Why the bus driver tried to brake, is unknown.

According to preliminary data, remarks to the health status of men during the line output was not. At the same time does not exclude the possibility that the driver was in a condition of narcotic intoxication. One of the victims said that the car was moving very slowly.

Fatal accident in Kiev: a bus rammed a truck

With the driver of the van was unable to communicate. Man with broken limbs and were taken to the hospital, but he fled immediately after the medical examination.

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