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The so-called press is a marathon of President Vladimir Zelensky broke the world record and become the longest “press conference” a world leader, which has been going for over 8 hours.

Source: Zelensky meeting with journalists in fudmarket 10 October, reports the with reference to

In particular, during conversation of the President with the journalists came the representative of the National registry of records, which reported that “press conference Zelensky “broke” the world record”.

The representative of the registry of records Vitaliy Zorin: “Nothing boded trouble, before fellow journalists we were not warned about that possible world record. We conducted a review… now the press-conference lasts more than 8 hours and the record, I’m not going to say whose, is exceeded for at least 45 minutes … And from what I heard, you still have hours to nine-ten, probably to keep working. I understand how difficult this is. And I wish you to stay.”

Details: In response, the President thanked him and said that he was “a modest man” and doesn’t like awards. Zorin handed Zelensky award. Press Secretary Yulia Zelenskaya Mendel said that for them it was a surprise.

Prior to this the longest press conference was given by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who in February 2017, talked to journalists for 7 hours 21 minutes. And in 2012, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez without interruption for nearly 11 hours was presented to the Parliament the report.

Also long press conference like the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Which came first: Zelensky has managed to speak with almost 2 dozen journalists. Meeting with the President takes place on the second floor of the food court KyivFoodMarket in a separate area.

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Media representatives ask questions to the head of state groups of 10 or more people, formed on the list of accreditation.

Пресс-марафон Зеленского побил мировой рекорд |

Пресс-марафон Зеленского побил мировой рекорд |

Пресс-марафон Зеленского побил мировой рекорд |

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