Network funny video in which the deer broke into a beauty salon

Hard to imagine that a deer could scare away a group of people and make utter chaos in the Barber shop shouting and breaking Windows.

Even if you don’t believe us, then just in case, better make the speaker sound quieter, writes the with reference to

This case occurred in a Barber shop Hair Salon located in long island, new York, USA.

A deer crashed into the glass storefront of the salon and then hit the woman sitting in front of the premises on the couch.

Once the deer burst into the room of the barbershop, he disappears out of camera frame, but clearly audible, as it carries everything just to hell as soon as the witnesses tried to calm him down.

As we have already mentioned, it is better to make the speaker sound quieter, because at some point the video becomes very loud.

However, it was not just a hooligan terror from the deer, it was a real robbery in broad daylight, as the deer took away from salon Curling iron, pre-wound them around his horns.

The lion crept up to the mom-lioness and funny scared her

Well, as you would, at DOE’s birthday is coming, and the deer can’t just pick up and go to the store to buy her a gift. He is after all, no money, no hands, so we have to improvise.

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