Named sweet product that helps people with high blood pressure

The dates will help people with high blood pressure. Scientists have proven the benefit of this sweet product and told how to use it better.

Dates contain high amounts of tryptophan that contribute to slow down the aging process in the body and strengthens the human nervous system, writes the with reference on Voice.

The greatest effect from the use of dates can achieve by mixing them with honey. You must separate the flesh from the bone dates, add honey and eat one tablespoon of this mixture daily. This combination is rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Also well reduces high blood pressure natural dark chocolate.

Experts warned of a new danger ready meal

Hypertension is a serious disease leading to damage to the blood vessels that causes heart disease, kidney and other organs. High blood pressure can cause a stroke. Experts advise to fight with the state, including in your diet healthy foods.

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