In the United States released “saints” sneakers. Video |

Shoes released in a limited batch and sold in minutes for $3 thousand for the pair.

In America has released a batch of shoes called “Shoes of Jesus” with Holy water. This was reported on the official website of the brand, reports the with reference to

Limited edition shoes Jesus Shoes published edition of just 20 pairs. Each of them were 3 thousand dollars, but all the shoes sold in a matter of minutes.

Externally shoes like Nike Air Max 97s, which were taken as a basis. Instead of an airbag they have a layer filled with Holy water from the Jordan river.

In addition, on the side of the Shoe indicated the Chapter and verse from the gospel of Matthew, which describes how Jesus Christ walked on water. The laces on the shoes are threaded in the form of a cross, but the insole is a bright red color.

Sold shoes in the same fancy box: with the image of an angel “papal” seal.

On the security Minister of Indonesia, was attacked by a man with a knife. Video

Commercial Director of the company MSCHF that created unusual shoes, said that their project is a parody. So the company laughed at the tendency to create products in collaborations with companies from completely different industries.

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