Dentists told how to properly brush your teeth

To your teeth have always been healthy, you need to know how to maintain cleanliness of the mouth. Germs you want to remove not only the teeth, but also tongue, cheeks.

It is very important not only what we brush our teeth, but how. What kind of toothbrush movement we make depends on how well we removed the plaque from the teeth, writes the with reference to

Motion toothbrush should be vertical, as if to sweep away the bacteria from the gums to the cutting edge of the tooth. If you brush your teeth with horizontal moves, we can obtain the so-called wedge-shaped defect.

How to brush teeth:

Wet your toothbrush and squeeze some paste (0.5 cm or pea).

To the far upper teeth apply the brush at an angle of 450.

On the inner side walk sweeping motion from top down. Thus clear the top row.

Similarly treated the inside of the teeth on the bottom, just the bottom up.

The chewing surface of the brush in the direction of back and forth.

Plaque from the front side looks like a vertical motion from the gums. First the upper jaw, then lower.

Experts warned of a new danger ready meal

The final touch — polishing the outer surface of the teeth. This should be done gently in circular motions brush with the serried teeth.

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