Bride funny groom played and became an Internet star

Usually, before the wedding, the groom’s friends arrange a wild party for the consequences of which no one is responsible, but relatives of the hero of our material was a very original Troll, because it’s so funny pranked his friend that he literally was crying from laughter.

This story happened in one of the cities in the United States. A man named Billy hunt was preparing for his long awaited wedding, writes the with reference to this Suite.FM.

The groom wanted to remember this special occasion for a lifetime, so hire operator that he has recorded a memorable and tender moments on camera. However, then the man still did not know what his plans interfered with friends.

As conceived by Billy, he had to stand with his back to the green garden, waiting for his beloved, which it was necessary to approach him from behind.

The footage shows how hunt a looking forward to the moment when she first sees his wife in a wedding dress.

How strong was his disappointment when instead of the pretty bride he saw his bald best friend in a white dress. Billy is so surprised that a few seconds could not move, and then he laughed out loud, I started to cry.

And I thought I was going to cry when I see my bride through frantic laughter said hunt.

Interestingly, the operator later admitted that he did not know about the plans of friends Billy. Moreover, the author of this trolling was the bride herself.

On the security Minister of Indonesia, was attacked by a man with a knife. Video

During the day the video was seen by more than 65 thousand people, and the comments the user wished the newlyweds a happy family life. We are confident that it they will have absolute fun.

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