Zelensky will be holding a press marathon. Video

The press center organized in the capital Kyiv deli market Food Market: this is the territory of the former factory “the Arsenal”

Today from 10:00 President Vladimir Zelensky begins the so-called press is a marathon with accredited journalists, which, according to the speaker President of Julia Mendel, will be about 300 people, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to League.no.

As indicated in the announcement on the website of the Office of the President, he’s going to talk to the media “during the day”.

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When you consider that within the unusual format of communication to Zelensky will let journalists “groups of 7-10 people”, and each group will allocate 20-30 minutes of time, it is expected that the event will last from six to 13 hours.

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However, as one media can be accredited journalist, photographer and videographer, the total time can be reduced at least twice; that is, the press-marathon will last no more than six hours.

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