World of Warcraft will be updated with new races and activities

Without waiting for BlizzCon 2019 the developers of World of Warcraft has told the first details about the upcoming update.

Update 8.3 Blizzard called “Vision N he”, as the players have to fight an Ancient God Called the Zot. The villain began to wreak havoc on Azeroth in the last update, and now get to Uldum and the Vale of eternal blossoms. So, for these locations will attack the forces of the Black Empire N zota. Because of this, the area will start to appear temporary adventure and dynamic job, which will help to repel the attack, reports the with reference to

The second activity will be a “Terrible vision” — single and group dungeon, in which N ZDR will be imposed on players negative effects. To protect will help the coat that adventurers will be able to improve, wasting resources in the race. At the last stage of updates the game will be a large-scale RAID in the Awakening city of Yalata with 12 bosses, including the N zota.

World of Warcraft will also be two allied races with which players can make friends, holding up the reputation and doing the quest faction. To the side of the Horde will join the cubs-Vulpera, at the same time, the Alliance will help mechagnome.

Released the new adventure game Pilgrims

The update should already appear on the test servers, and release date in the main client yet known. In addition to the new factions and activities, Blizzard will update the system to improve the equipment, finalize the auction and the Heart of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft получит обновление с новыми расами и активностями

World of Warcraft получит обновление с новыми расами и активностями

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