Without horns: scientists have deduced new breed of the bulls

New genetics techniques will allow us to make hornless cows of any breed.

Horns, growing cattle require additional space in the stalls, and most importantly — lead to dangerous injuries, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to naked-science.ru.

Breeders have brought some completely hornless breeds, even the big bulls remain hornless: Russian, Eastern, Finnish, British redpol. On the other hand, they are not as productive as many other breeds. Throwing their horns are often cut down or even burned at an early age, in such a painful method of stopping their growth. All of this saves the need to establish new dairy and beef hornless breeds.

In 2014, a biotech startup Recombinetics managed to make “genes strogosti” in the cage of the animal, making it homozygous for the POLLED Celtic allele PC. Cell cloned and hoisted into the uterus of a cow as a donor, received a hornless calf. When he grew up, the scientists took his sperm and artificially inseminated a few cows, obtaining progeny of five calves, completely healthy and preserved wholly comolete. About Alison van Inanam (Alison Van Eenennaam) and her colleagues from the University of California in Davis write in an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Без рогов: ученые вывели новую породу быков

Horned bull of the control group surrounded by two hornless offspring of the GM animal / ©Alison Van Eenennaam.

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The authors believe that in the future the offspring of these animals will remain healthy, and the method can be used for breeding hornless cows of different breeds. Formally, these animals remain genetically modified organisms, however, genes that determined their new sign, fully borrowed from the ordinary cows of other breeds. So actually they are the complete analogue of the animals obtained by traditional breeding methods. This could markedly facilitate the necessary procedures for the approval of new breeds by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).

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