Madonna has cancelled concerts due to injury

In connection with an injury the singer had to postpone the concert.

Madonna had to postpone upcoming concert in new York in connection with a knee injury. The New York Post reports that doctors told the 61-year-old singer to take a break, reports the with reference to

“Madonna is currently dealing with a knee injury, and she was advised to rest for the next three days to recover,” — said in a statement on the official website of the pop star.

It is expected that the concerts scheduled as part of the tour Madame X on 10 and 12 October, will be held in accordance with the schedule.

In Instagram has assured concerned fans that she is not a shirker, and will definitely see them in a few days.

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“Madame X is difficult to accept that she is also a man of flesh and blood, and she needs to rest for the next 3 days to give my knee a full recovery — written by Madonna Instagram. I’m not a shirker. This causes me more pain than you can imagine. It is time to remove the heels and tights in the grid for a few days! Thank you for understanding.”

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