How to run PlayStation games on Android 4

Owners of Android smartphones and PlayStation 4 will receive a long-awaited opportunity update 7.00.

Future software update for PlayStation 4 version 7.00 ready for a global launch this week. The firmware will bring several improvements for online games and online features of the console, reports the with reference for Today.

The main innovation will support Remote Play for all Android smartphones, which will allow you to play games with the PlayStation 4 on mobile devices by means of streaming. Previously this feature was only available for the model series of Sony smartphones and the iPhone and iPad. This feature will now work on all Android devices since version 5.0.

After almost 7 months after the debut of iOS billions of Android users will finally be able to stream PS4 games like GTA V, on their mobile devices. True, those who want to play without problems on the DualShock 4, you will need to upgrade to Android 10 – only in this version has proper support for this controller.

In addition to streaming games on the PlayStation 4, will finally have cross-platforming multiplayer. Players will also receive the increased size of the function “Hangouts” (Party), which will be doubled to accommodate 16 players, plus improved sound quality and network performance due to the internal settings, intended to solve problems connecting to other players.

For players in the USA will also be a function of transcription of the chat, which provides accessibility support for English US by converting voice chat party text enter text read aloud to other group members through the PS4 app Second Screen on the mobile device.

Facebook broke another record

But there is bad news. As reported on the support site, PlayStation users will no longer be able to link your PSN account to Facebook. This means that the PlayStation 4 will eliminate the possibility of importing real name and photo from Facebook, and also search through the list of friends. In addition, the owners of the PS4 will no longer be able to post screenshots and videos to Facebook and share their achievements and conduct broadcast. Sony does not explain its decision, but the Twitter integration still remains.

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