Elton John was treated for drug addiction

The singer found help addicts anonymous groups.

Newspaper Daily Mail published a Frank account of Elton John for the suppression of dependence on alcohol and drugs. In this 72-year-old singer admits that destructive lifestyle nearly drove him to overdose or heart attack, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to apostrophe.ua.

“In the late eighties I fell in love with a guy named Hugh Williams, who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. One day he shared with me the news: he was tired of drinking and using drugs, and he decided to undergo rehabilitation. I was furious, cried, saying the most hurtful things that could come up. After that, I two weeks hiding in a rented house in London, was snorting cocaine and drinking whiskey, — says the singer. — In rare cases, when I ate I was immediately sick. I didn’t answer the phone. I passed on the street. I have not bathed, not dressed. It was disgusting. Awful.”

“I realized that if I continue for a few more days, you will receive either an overdose or a heart attack. I had no idea how to live, but I didn’t want to die.”

Elton John called Hugh, who agreed to meet and talk in the presence of his lawyer.

“You’re a drug addict, he said. — You’re an alcoholic. Are you addicted to food and you have bulimia. Are you addicted to sex and suffer from co-dependency”.

Rather than being angry, Elton John acknowledged the right of Hugh, started crying and said that he needed help.

“To get help was not easy, as I needed to be treated immediately from the three addictions: cocaine, alcohol and food, — says the singer. — July 29, 1990, I was in the only place I could find it — in the ordinary General hospital in Chicago.”

When the doctors asked Elton how he feels, he didn’t know what to say.

“I wasn’t sure if I had any real feelings for many years, or was it all due to the constant use of drugs and alcohol,” he writes.

The hardest thing for Elton John’s was that medical treatment was based on the 12-step program “alcoholics Anonymous”, and as soon as his counselor talked to him about God, he snapped.

“I didn’t want to hear anything about religion. People were saying that AIDS is God’s judgment on homosexuals,” recalls Elton.

The singer made an attempt to escape from the hospital, but sheepishly came back when he realized that otherwise he will return to his former life. Over time, he began to make progress.

“I liked the routine. I like to take care of themselves. I had to accept, if not with the idea of God, higher power,” he admits.

In the group meetings, the patients talked about their worst and most dirty secrets, and Elton John fell in love with them.

“They forced me to be honest after many years I lied to other people, and myself, — says the singer. — When you’re dependent, you’re lying, covering your tracks, tell yourself that you have no problems. To be honest meant to be free. You got rid of all the baggage that came with me from embarrassment, from shame.”

After 6 weeks Elton John left the hospital and began a new life. He began to notice his surroundings, things he had never seen, got a dog, and attended meetings of alcoholics anonymous, cocaine anonymous and anonymous bulimia.

“Sometimes I go to 3-4 meetings a day. For three years I was at 1400 meetings — says the singer. Friends began to Express the view that I am now addicted to attending meetings dependent. Probably they were right, but it was significantly better than what I was before.”

Elton John says he liked the people he met during treatment, and some of them were his friends with whom he communicates so far.

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“It’s ordinary people who first thought I was a recovering addict, and then — Elton John,” says the singer.

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