Became known the names of winners of the Nobel prize in physics

Prize winners in physics this year were: canadian James Pebbles and Swiss Michel Mayor and Didier Kelo.

The Nobel Committee for physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the Nobel prize winners in this field in 2019. They are: canadian James Pebbles (for theoretical advances in cosmology), as well as the Swiss Michel Mayor and Didier Kelo (for the discovery in 1995 of extrasolar planets orbiting solar-type stars — 51 Pegasus), reports the with reference to

The Nobel prize in physics, awarded since 1901, the scientists who “make the most important discovery or invention” in this area, according to the will of Alfred Nobel.

On the eve of the Nobel Committee at Karolinska medical Institute in Stockholm took place the official opening of the Nobel week, in addition, were named winners in medicine and physiology. Americans William Calin, Gregg L. Semenets and the Englishman Peter George. Ratcliffe will receive his award for the study of how cells respond to changes in the level of oxygen in the body, including oxygen deprivation.

Tomorrow, October 9, will be known the names of the laureates in chemistry, 10 th — according to the literature (just for 2018 and 2019). About who will receive the Nobel peace prize, the Committee will report on Friday, October 11. A nominee in this category has already become a Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. According to bookmakers, she will compete for the prize with the Pope, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Ahmed Abia and a chief of an Indian tribe kayapo Raoni.

Nobel week will end on Monday, when they announced the names of the prize winners in Economics.

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The award ceremony will take place on 10 December in Stockholm and Oslo. All winners will receive a medal, diploma and cash prize of nine million Swedish kronor (about 920 thousand dollars).

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