Ukrainians presented the “racing” electric vehicle with a power reserve of 500 km

Ukrainian company MIRACLE CAR showed the audience a new electric car, the Miracle, the One in which the reserve is 500 km.

While this is only a concept, but it plans to start mass production, reports the with reference to

You, of course, immediately noticed that the One Miracle was designed in the style of racing cars of the 1950s years. That’s the only difference from the old cars this car is equipped with no internal combustion engine and two electric motors with a total output of 300 HP and 500 Nm of torque, and a battery of 50 kWh energy Reserve of the battery enough to make the electric car has driven 500 km. you will Agree, a very good figure for machines with electric propulsion.

Some dynamic characteristics in the One Miracle – not reported. I think is good enough, because he has a good powerplant, and it weighs a lot thanks to the body made of carbon fiber.

Looks Miracle the One, of course, beautiful. Elegant, stylish… you Can pick up a lot of words to describe it, but it is better to look at a photo or video.

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MIRACLE AUTO plans to start mass-produce the electric car in 2021. All I want to do 500 copies of this model. Each will cost $ 105 000.

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