The Prime Minister said, will increase the tariffs for heating

According to him, the government such a decision had been taken.

The decision on increase of tariffs for heating Cabinet during a meeting on 9 October was not accepted, reports the with reference to TSN.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk said during a briefing meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“The government has no plans to do so in the near future, something that would increase the rates,” he said.

According to the head of the Cabinet, if the government will approach the issue of tariff increases, this will assess. However, this decision is not only the government. “I’m not Nostradamus. Try to make sure that the rate does not increase. I would not want to give a straight answer to this question (about raising rates — Ed), because I don’t have it,” — said Goncharuk.

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It is also not confirmed information that in the capital of winter 30% rates rise, as reported by one of the resources. “Don’t read Soviet press,” — said Goncharuk.

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