The pilot and the flight attendant got in a fight on Board the aircraft. Video

The man spat in the woman, and then she punched him in the face. Both employees of the airline fired.

The camera gets a fight pilot and flight attendants on Board the aircraft, reports the with reference to

Employees of the Republican airlines Airways found onboard waiting for takeoff. On one of the surveillance cameras in the plane was a fight between a man and a woman.

Pilot 36-year-old William Thomas approached the 29-year-old flight attendant Marisha Sporer and spat in it. What the woman grabbed the offender by the neck and struck him three times in the face with an open hand. In response, the pilot began to beat Sporer at ribs.

It is reported that the incident occurred on September 14, but was known about him just now. The passengers on Board was not.

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Both officers fired and arrested for violation of public order.

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