The Carpathian mountains were enveloped in fog and covered with snow. Video

In the Carpathians deteriorated weather conditions. Due to snow and fog in the mountains is difficult orienteering. Tourists are advised to refrain from Hiking.

“As of 09:00, 09.10.2019 on the city of Papuan Montenegrin overcast, fog, wind southwest 10 m/s, air temperature of -2°C. Visibility up to 30 meters On the highlands trail covered with snow, orienteering difficult, so having a Navigator is needed,” reports search and rescue post, reports the with reference to

According to the Department gschs in Ivano-Frankivsk region, fans of mountain recreation you should refrain from Hiking in the mountains.

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Rescue workers say that under such conditions even experienced tourists and are very easy to stray from the planned route, to lose known landmarks, to be in unfamiliar and dangerous places.

The Chornohora 07.05.2019

To uwagi vsih turistichnih group napolillo Radim trimatic from the exit from visokog me! The mill at 6:20 07.05.2019 G. PP Ivan Chornohirsky air temperature -6°C, wind punche-Western 20-25m/s, Marno, SNG, obojena widest.

Gepostet von Chornohirsky grski poshukove-ryatuvalnyk post am Dienstag, 7. Mai 2019

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