Promulgated the list of settlements that may be in a “grey zone” in the Donbass

The issue of settlements, which should move the militants during the withdrawal of forces in the Donbass will be discussed at the talks in Minsk in “channel format”.

In the “gray area” can get settlements that are now under the control of the Ukrainian army. This broadcast of “Radio Liberty” said the Deputy commander of the headquarters of the environmental protection Bogdan Bondar, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The “grey zones” can be Shirokino, sand, Granite and other Kiev-controlled towns, also in the demilitarized zone will comprise Experienced, Svetlodarsk, Crimean, Palopoli, Ekaterinovka, Luhansk and partly demilitarized will Talakovka and Berdyansk.

Bohdan Bondar, commenting on this, called this information “one of the options that are considered.”

However, he noted that the militants will have to move away from Yasinovataya, partly from Donetsk, Sokolniki.

“While we plan to complete three sites, and continue to move on, perhaps to other options, if they are proposed by the Ukrainian side or the opposite side. While the discussion on other sites has not been,” — said Cooper.

The Deputy commander of the headquarters of OOS also noted that there are already “experience in the Village of Lugansk, where several streets were in the breeding area”.

In Ukraine will cancel the work book

“And as Katerynivka. About 120 people remained in the area of breeding. It will work with all authorities, will work Natspolitsiya, and will accordingly be monitored. The OSCE has undertaken monitoring verification of these sites. And the Ukrainian and Russian side respectively — mirror the withdrawal of 1 kilometer for each side,” he said.

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