Presents new games for Android and iOS

Fresh collection of mobile games-a new simulator of survival, retro platformer, battle Royal at the zoo and beyond.

Dawn of the Zombies: Survival

New survival simulator with great opportunities for crafting and construction. You will be able to create weapons, build shelter and to make forays into the infected area. Soon the developers promise to PvP-mode, reports the with reference to

Ninja Ranger

Retro platformer with original graphics and music in the style of classic action games with the 8-bit consoles. The main character is a ninja with superpowers who knows a lot about knives, including throwing.

WarDogs: Red’s Return

Quite a challenging game in the style of classic fighting Streets of Rage. To manage here have humanoid dogs, which can be pumped, to enhance the various implants or even just change — the customization possibilities are many.

Haru Cats

A relaxing puzzle game in which you need a simple swipe to move the cats, filling in lines on the playing field. Will have to think fast because the pyramid of cats is constantly growing, and the top of it to achieve should not.

Shadow of Death 2

The sequel to the popular action game with over 10 million downloads worldwide. In the new part of the Shadow of Death 2 the developers have improved graphics, added more unique monsters and significantly expanded the Arsenal of weapons available.

Cat Force

Another puzzle with the seals, but this time it’s “three in a row”, where each element on the playing field — furry warrior in armor. By combining three or more you will be able to attack the invaders.

Dungeon Break

Dungeon shooter with nice graphics. To manage the various minions who rebelled against their lords and decided to destroy all that they themselves had created.

Zooba: the battle of the animals

The unusual combination of MOBA and battle Royal with the theme of wild animals. The battles take place in arenas of the zoo, where both can come together up to 20 players. To start, simply select the beast and find a weapon.

Hoop Stars

Is now repetitive and boring arcade game, reminiscent of the inverse basketball — you have suspended in the air ball and a movable ring in the form of a doughnut. On the field two players, the winner is the one who first put the ring on the ball required number of times.

Apple Knight

Complete selection of fascinating platformer made with lots of love to the genre. The game will be hand-drawn levels, pleasant music and the ability to change the outfit of the main character.

Avalanche is developing the game new game

Also we will remind that recently on the smartphones came out battle Royale Call of Duty: Mobile. If you like online shooters, this game is just a must-have.

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