Named products, which deprive the body of calcium

Coffee, sweets, carbonated drinks, palm oil, oatmeal – these foods leach calcium from the body or prevent its absorption.

This was told by the physician-nutritionist Anna Ivashkevich, reports the with reference to

The expert told the edition “Arguments and facts” on what products can harm the body by depriving it of the necessary quantities of important mineral calcium. So, according to Anna Ivashkevich, you need to control your coffee consumption. Allowed rate of drink are 4 Cup capacity of 30 ml. Excess of this dosage will worsen the condition of bones and teeth.

With regard to carbonated drinks, some of them also contain caffeine, the action of which deteriorates with the absorption of calcium.

Also the absorption of calcium can interfere with the sugars contained in sweets: because of the large amount of sugar suffering from intestinal microflora. Oatmeal can slow down the absorption of calcium in the intestine because it contained phytic acid, added the nutritionist.

Palm oil, according to Ivashkevich, in General, reduces the absorption of many nutrients, including vitamin D which helps absorb calcium.

The doctor said that the calcium participates in the metabolic processes and blood clotting, regulates muscle contraction, secretion of hormones. Its deficiency leads to disorders of the heart muscle, seizures and hypertensive crisis.

Called contraindications to the use of buckwheat

To replenish valuable trace element, it is necessary to include in the diet fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, legumes, greens, oranges, persimmon, green tea and bananas, advised the expert.

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