Kittens watching cartoons were the stars of the Network

Network laugh videos posted on the platform Reddit. In this two kittens with great interest watching one of the cartoon series “Tom and Jerry”.

“Timeless love “Tom and Jerry” transgresses the species barrier,” reads a title, keeping in mind that the cult animated series I love not only human children, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Kittens watching cat Tom plays pool. But especially animated when the screen appears the mouse Jerry. They get closer, and one of them even looks at the laptop screen, checking whether there is a mouse.

This cat funny avenged kinsman and became a star Network

The review noted that the cartoon — not the best training guide for cats, as their relatives always gets in an awkward situation due to the brutal antics of the cheeky mouse. Someone said that he is ready to watch “Tom and Jerry” from morning to evening. But most simply moved pretty sight.

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