Kiev residents staged a lynching of a drunken thief. Video

In Kiev employees of one of the shops without waiting for the police, themselves punished and kicked the thief.

The incident occurred in a “Red market” at the Festival. Video published the “Kyiv Operational,” reports the with reference on the Facts.

The video shows as the woman in the white jacket and hat, perhaps slightly tipsy, kicked out of the store and robbing her of her stolen goods.

The debut trailer of teenage spin-off of “the Walking dead”. Video

Helped buyers and sellers, pointing out where a thief hid small items.

Spivrobitnyky “Chervony market” at the Festival was satriale n, Jan credico product. Not accouche on polzu have vinelli retribution separatist.

Gepostet von Kiev Operational am Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2019

Жители Киева устроили самосуд над пьяной воровкой. Видео

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